SPA 2019 Poster Session - Create a Poster – About You!

We will be displaying posters during our first evening. This will be a way for individuals to get a sense of who they will be spending the week with. Printing of these posters are at your expense. These are not your typical scientific posters, they are about YOU!

The color poster (maximum 30 X 36 inches) must include your name, institution affiliation, and the following sections:

Don’t forget to include a picture – it can be fun (different than the headshot you sent previously)
Be sure to bring this poster with you for display!


In preparation of the SPA –IA/CIHR 2019, please find enclosed two papers in the field of Geroscience and the description of the CIHR call for Geroscience proposal to read:

CIHR Geroscience demonstration grant

NIH Geroscience Group 2017

Physiological geroscience 2016