Geroscience: A novel interdisciplinary approach for research on aging

April 28, 2019

Dear students and residents/fellows participants, congratulations on being one of 37 trainees from across Canada and abroad selected to attend SPA 2019.

This year, the CIHR Institute of Aging (IA) has partnered with the Quebec Network for Research on Aging to host an innovative five-day training program that will focus on Geroscience.

  1. We are 4 weeks away with still some tasks to do. In order to keep things organized, a web page will be opened for you in one week, from the Quebec Network for Research on Aging web site. It will act as your « GO TO » place for information. You will receive an e-mail as soon as it is opened. Then you will have to check back often for updates!

There are three main tasks to complete aside from reviewing the website.

  1. Make your travel arrangements (see the participant form for details),
  2. Complete the Participant information form, including bio and photo,
  3. Registration fees for SPA 2019 (500 $ Canadian) using the SPA 2019 web page that will be available from the home page of the Quebec Network for Research on Aging or in one week.

Moreover, to participate to a global environmental effort, no paper document will be provided for the SPA. All documents will be available from the web. Therefore, it is mandatory that you bring your own laptop. Free Wi-Fi will be available.

SPA 2019 will be a casual affair, please plan to dress comfortably. There will be time for visiting the Nordic Spa, open daily from 7 am to 11 pm, and includes two outdoor pools, spas, a polar bath, a dry sauna, a steam bath, a Nordic shower and a steam room So do not forget your bathing suits if you want to enjoy the Spa after a long day of learning and writing and for the Dragon Boat Racing (with instructors). For the final dinner on Thursday evening, the dress code will be business casual. Flip flop sandals, running shoes, shorts, T-shirts, caps will not be permitted. Finally, I suggest to check weather forecasts as the last week of May is approaching It should be around 21°C during the day and 10 °C during the night, but we never know!

We look forward to meet you on May 26. If you have any questions, concerns or comments please feel free to contact Elizabeth Iacono at, coordinator of the Quebec Network for Research on Aging.

Pierrette Gaudreau, PhD
Professor, Department of medicine
Faculty of medicine
Université de Montréal
Co-directors, Quebec Network for Research on Aging
José Morais, MD
Professor, Division of geriatrics
Faculty of medicine
McGill University
Co-directors, Quebec Network for Research on Aging